Academic deans transferred from the Senior Management Group (SMG) personnel program to the Academic Personnel program effective January 1, 2010, in conjunction with issuance of APM - 240, Deans, and the creation of the Deans’ Salary Structure which was approved by the Regents in November 2009.  The Provost and Executive Vice President issues the Deans’ Salary Structure, which consists of salary bands, each with minimum and maximum ranges. The chancellor sets individual deans’ salaries by determining a unit salary aligned with the Deans’ Salary Structure, competitive market-based pay, and compensable factors.

Deans' Salary Bands

Effective July 1, 2022

List of deans salary bands, with minimum and maximum ranges.

Deans' Salary Structure Compensable Factors

List of compensable factors for dean positions.

Historic Deans' Salary Bands

Historical list of deans' salary bands.

Deans' Salary Structure Revision History

Recent revisions and issuances modifying the deans' salary structure.