Policy issuances, 2005-2009

Effective Date APM Description


APM - 120

The University of California Emeritus policy, APM - 120, has been revised effective January 14, 2005. The revision expands the definition of retirement for purposes of granting Emeritus status as provided in Standing Order of the Regents 103.5 by conferring Emeritus status on those faculty who separate from UC while receiving disability income from UCRP, if they are otherwise eligible for Emeritus status. The revisions also clarify that only those faculty who retire within 120 days of separation from UC are eligible for Emeritus status and confirm the existing practice of granting Emeritus status to faculty who take Lump Sum Cashouts, rather than regular service retirement, within 120 days of separation from UC.

The revisions have been added to the APM - 120, footnote 1.


APM - 200

The University of California recall policy, APM - 200-22, has been revised effective January 14, 2005. The new Pre-retirement Recall Guidelines for Faculty Recalled for Post-Retirement Teaching apply to faculty who are age 60 or above and who have at least five years of UCRP service credit at the time the recall appointment is negotiated. The changes outlined in these Guidelines address the maximum duration of the recall appointment and the suggested recall salary rates. These Guidelines have been added as APM - 200, Appendix A. The new APM – 200, Appendix B, describes changes made in 2003 to the UCRP Normal Retirement Age and the effect on post-retirement appointments.


APM - 340

Replaces the Continuing Education Specialist series. This policy is for academic appointees who design and implement continuing education programs for the public, mainly through University Extension.


APM - 662

Addresses additional compensation for University Extension appointees who have financial or academic responsibility for University Extension courses and who also teach in UNEX programs.


Salary Range - Continuing Educators

A new salary range for Continuing Educators has been established which is designed to enhance career opportunities.


Transition Guidelines - Continuing Educators

Provides guidelines for transitioning from an existing Continuing Education Specialist title to the new Continuing Educator title on the new salary range. Transition is to be completed by July 1, 2006.


APM - 210-1-d

Provides that teaching, research, and service that promote diversity and equal opportunity are to be encouraged and given recognition in the evaluation of the candidate's qualifications.


APM - 240

Provides that Deans and Provosts are responsible for an affirmative action program consistent with University policies


APM - 245

Provides that the Chair is responsible for maintaining a climate hospitable to diversity and for maintaining a department affirmative action program.


APM - 278

The new Academic Personnel Policy 278, Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series, governs academic appointees who are paid by the University or by one of the University's formal affiliates.


APM - 210-6

The revised Academic Personnel Policy 210, section APM - 210-6, provides Instructions to Review Committees Which Advise on Actions Concerning the Health Sciences Clinical Professor Series.


APM - 133

The revised Academic Personnel Policy - 133, Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles adds the new Health Sciences Clinical Professor series to the relevant sections of this policy.


APM - 279

The new Academic Personnel Policy 279, Clinical Professor, Volunteer Series governs the academic appointments of community health care professionals who donate their time to provide supervision of the University's health sciences trainees.



The following sections of the Academic Personnel Manual have been updated to reflect the titles introduced in the new clinical series:

Revised Academic Personnel Policy 110-4(14), Academic Personnel Definitions

Revised Academic Personnel Policy 112-4-b(9) and 112-4-b(21) Academic Titles

Revised Academic Personnel Policy 220-4-b, Professor Series.


APM - 190

Technical changes have been made to Appendix E. It has been renamed from the Salary Differential Housing Allowance Program to the Faculty Recruitment Allowance Program, to include other faculty recruitment allowances, in addition to housing costs. Also, eligibility of faculty has been clarified and restrictions prohibiting the use of state funds for faculty recruitment allowances have been eliminated.  Revised Appendix E will  help strengthen the campuses’ ability to recruit and retain faculty.


APM - 133

Revised APM - 133-17-g through -j

Revised APM - 210-1-c(4)

Revised APM - 220-10, -16-c, -16-d, -18-b and added new APM - 220, Appendix B

Revised APM - 760

Effective family accommodation policies for academic appointees are fundamental to an equitable and productive academic environment. Revised Academic Personnel Policies APM - 133, 210, 220, and 760, which are effective retroactive to January 1, 2006, express the University of California 's commitment to ongoing development of principles, institutional resources, and a workplace culture supportive of family care-giving responsibilities.


APM - 130

Revised citation in APM - 130-0-c regarding provisions on part-time appointments to include APM - 220-10, -16-c, -16-d, -18-b, and Appendix B

Updated Regents' Policy in APM - 220, Appendix A

Revised title of APM - 760 in APM -700-8-k

Revised title of APM - 760 in APM - 710-1-d

Revised citation in APM - 710-20-c in line with renumbered APM - 760-28-b(2)

Revised title of APM - 760 in APM - 715-1-d

APM - 130; 220, Appendix A; 700; 710; and 715 have been revised to reflect technical changes to conform with the changes made to APM - 220 and 760, effective retroactive to January 1, 2006, and to the Regents' Policy on Funding Regular Ranks Faculty Appointments, which was amended on September 22, 2005.


APM - 035

APM - 035, Appendix A-1, University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment, has been revised to reflect a technical change that deletes "counselors" from the list of University employees who are designated responsible for reporting sexual harassment because it conflicts with a provision in the Sexual Harassment Procedures.


APM - 260

APM - 260, University Professor, has been revised consistent with The Regents' Policy on University Professors as amended on September 22, 2005, to clarify the usage of the title, criteria for appointment, conditions of employment, funding, and the procedure for appointment. The title University Professor is reserved for scholars of the highest international distinction who are recognized and honored as the top scholars on their campus and are respected as teachers of exceptional ability.


APM - 710

Revised APM - 710, Leaves of Absence/Sick Leave/Medical Leave, adds a new section APM - 710-11, establishing a maximum of paid medical leave to be granted to eligible faculty members who do not accrue sick leave, in cases of personal illness, injury or disability. Other revisions to relevant sections of APM - 710 clarify and expand the list of academic titles eligible to accrue sick leave, as well as expanding sick leave accrual to appointees in these titles who hold academic year appointments; and provide guidelines for how and when departments should request medical information in support of requests for sick and paid medical leave.


APM - 711

The new APM - 711, Reasonable Accommodation for Academic Appointees with Disabilities, establishes systemwide policy governing the interactive process to determine reasonable accommodation for otherwise qualified academic appointees with disabilities, as required for compliance with Federal and California State law - most specifically, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).


APM - 080

The new APM - 080, Medical Separation,outlines the process for medical separation of academic appointees who have exhausted periods of leave and continue to be unable to work for health reasons, and for whom reasonable accommodation is not possible. This new policy provides a means to handle this issue in a sensitive and respectful manner by establishing a process that keeps such cases distinct from disciplinary actions resulting from misconduct or incompetent performance.


APM-190, Appendix A-1

The University of California Policy on Reporting and Investigating Allegations of Suspected Improper Governmental Activities (Whistleblower Policy), set forth in APM - 190, Appendix A-1, was revised on April 2, 2008, to reflect responsibilities of the Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and Audit Officer. The revised policy supersedes the earlier version of the "Whistleblower Policy" dated October 4, 2002.


APM - 220

Revised APM - 220-18-b(4), Criteria for Advancement to Professor, Step VI, and to Professor, Above Scale, has been issued effective September 2, 2008 for implementation no later than July 1, 2009. The revised policy seeks to strengthen and provide greater guidance on requirements for advancement, to provide greater understanding of the distinction between the criteria for advancement to Step VI and Above Scale, and to bring the policy in line with campus practices.


APM - 220 

APM - 335

APM - 740

APM - 350

Revised APM-220-85-b, APM-220-80-e was incorrectly referenced in this section. The text was corrected to reflect the appropriate policy reference, APM-220-80-g. 

The educational requirement has been deleted from APM-335-10-a, making the criteria for Cooperative Extension Advisors consistent with criteria for Specialists in Cooperative Extension (APM-334-10-a).

The following titles have been added to the list of titles in APM - 740-11-c that are eligible to qualify for sabbatical leave service: Laboratory Director, Deputy Laboratory Director, and Associate Laboratory Director.

APM-350 is rescinded on the basis that the policy has been rendered obsolete by the provisions of APM-390 (issued July 1, 2003).


APM - 035

APM - 035, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment, has been revised to conform with the University of California Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy Regarding Academic and Staff Employment. Changes have been made to provide consistency between University policy and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, to provide consistency with regulations that implement the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002, and to prohibit retaliation as specified.


Addition of Appendix B, APM -010

Effective immediately, new Academic Personnel Policy 010, Appendix B, Statement of Principles: Student Freedom of Scholarly Inquiry refines the definition of faculty rights and privileges as they relate to principles of academic freedom and students' freedom of scholarly inquiry.



Adds a definition for "domestic partner" to academic personnel definitions



Modifies this section on visiting appointments to allow for a total period of consecutive service not to exceed three years for appointees in Visiting Assistant Professor Programs in Mathematics



Alters the title of this section to "Conditions of Appointment" to reflect that appointees in this series are volunteers



Revises this section to set forth normal periods of service for Librarians at each rank and step to reflect periods consistent with those set forth for unit members in the MOU between UC and University Council – American Federation of Teachers for the Professional Librarian Unit.



Adds "child of a domestic partner (same sex or opposite sex)" to the definition of near relative



Added this APM section to provide for death payments for eligible academic appointees