Policy issuances, 1995-1999

Effective Date APM Description



Revised APM - 025



The revised policy and guidelines provide that after obligations to the University have been met, a full-time faculty member on an academic-year appointment may undertake compensated outside professional activities for no more than 39 days during the academic year.



Issued APM - 334



Repealed APM - 325



New APM - 334 will apply to department-based Cooperative Extension Specialists and Cooperative Extension Agronomists, who now will be combined in one title series.



Issued Interim Policies APM Sections 035 and 036






In response to Regents' Resolution SP-2, interim academic policies on Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment (APM - 035) and Employment (APM - 036) have been developed.



APM - 035, Appendix A (issued 7/1/93) was retained and Appendices B-1 and B-2 were rescinded.



Revised APM - 110



APM - 110, Academic Personnel Definitions, has been revised to meet a long-recognized need for uniformity and consistency in usage of key terms throughout the University.


025, 200, 220, 300, 360, 375, 420, 600, 615, 630, 631, 650, 660, 661, 664, 680, 700, 720, 730, 740

These APM sections have been revised to reflect technical changes to the appointment descriptions for faculty. "Academic-year" and "fiscal- year" have replaced "9-month" and "11-month," respectively, to clarify and standardize the use of these terms as defined in APM - 110. Additionally, references to compulsory retirement have been deleted as they are no longer applicable.



Revised APM - 240



APM - 240 has been revised to conform with the Delegation of Authority 2060, Appointment and Salary Approval of Acting Deans and Acting Provosts, and the new Personnel Policies for Staff Members.



Added APM - 190 and APM - 190, Appendices A, B, C, D



Added APM - 242



Added APM - 671



To provide easier access to certain existing Universitywide policies, the following policies have been added to the APM. They have never before been part of the APM.



APM - 190, Selected Presidential Policies



APM - 190, Appendix A, Policy and Procedures for Reporting Improper Governmental Activities and Protection Against Retaliation for Reporting Improper Activities



APM - 190, Appendix B, University Policy on Integrity in Research



APM - 190, Appendix C, University of California Policy on Substance Abuse



APM - 190, Appendix D, Policy Governing Travel to Scholarly Meetings and Field Research Travel



APM - 242, Directors of Organized Research Units



APM - 671, Medical School Clinical Compensation Plan



Revised APM - 310-12-a



Revised APM - 380-24



Revised APM - 560-24



The following APM sections have been revised to permit the Chancellor to delegate authority for granting exceptions.



310-12-a to the criteria for the appointment and promotion of professional researchers who do not possess a doctorate



380-24 to the criteria for the appointment of faculty consultants



560-24 to the criteria for the payment of removal expenses for eligible academic appointees



Issued APM - 633



Revised APM - 630



Rescinded APM - 631



New APM - 633 provides for the payment of administrative stipends for academic deans and provosts, department chairpersons, directors and academic faculty assistants, in recognition of their additional administrative responsibilities. The Policy permits Chancellors to develop local guidelines for setting administrative stipends.



Additionally, APM - 630 has been revised and APM - 631 has been rescinded and superseded by APM - 633.



Revised APM - 133



APM - 133, Limitation on Total Period of Service with Certain Academic Titles has been revised.



The major change to the policy is to APM - 133-7-h. This section has been revised to provide for time off the tenure clock of up to one year for each event of birth or adoption and also to allow for stopping the clock more than one time for a maximum of two years.



Revised APM - 200-17-a



Revised APM - 600-8



Revised APM - 615-12



APM - 200-17-a, 600-8, and 615-12 have been revised. These changes codify the University's policy with regard to the timing of salary increases associated with merit and promotion actions.



Revised APM - 220-17-a



Revised APM - 235-4-b and 235-17-a



Revised APM - 620-14-a(3)



References to the Faculty Acting Instructor title and the eleven title codes associated with the title have been eliminated from the Corporate Title Code System and APM - 220, 235 and 620.



Title Code 2550 and references to graduate student Acting Instructors in the APM have been retained.



Revised APM - 360-18-a and APM - 360, Appendix A



Revised APM - 633


The revised policies will permit the Chancellor to extend administrative stipends to designated librarian managers and supervisors who are excluded from the bargaining unit, and will assist the campuses in addressing increased administrative responsibilities associated with librarian managers and supervisors.



Technical changes to section 200-19-a



Technical changes to section 220-18



Technical changes to section 300-18



Technical changes to section 620-0-b, -16, -18, -24, and -80


These revised policies formally incorporate the Academic Salary Scale Notes, which provide critical guidance on normal periods of service at rank and step for the Professor Series and for the Supervisor of Physical Education Series, and regarding off-scale salaries, into the Academic Personnel Manual.


Current University policy on normal periods of service at rank and step for the Librarian Series is not being incorporated into the Academic Personnel Manual at this time. The current provision in the Academic Salary Scale notes will remain in effect.



Revised APM - 133-17-g(3)



Revised APM - 700-8



Revised APM - 710



Issued APM - 715



Revised APM - 730



Revised APM - 760


The following APM sections have been revised: APM - 710 (Sick Leave), 730 (Vacation), and 760 (Childbearing Leave, Parental Leave, and Active Service-Modified Duties). Extensive changes were made which clarify wording, illustrate the relation of these leaves with applicable State and Federal law, and add new provisions. New APM - 715 (Family and Medical Leave) was developed to recognize commitment to and compliance with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act. Related changes have also been made to APM - 133 and 700. APM sections cited in APM - 133-17-g(3) and types of leaves of absence listed in APM - 700-8 have been revised.



Added APM 191, revised Policy on Endowed Chairs and Professorships and the Administrative Guidelines and Procedures for Endowed Chairs and Professorships. The President is authorized to approve all endowed chairs and professorships. The total amount required to establish an endowed chair or professorship shall not be less than $350,000. Unless prohibited by the gift instrument, chair payout may also be used to support the base salary or other salary components of the chair holder. Provisions for the establishment of administrative endowed chairs, the review of endowed chairs, the disestablishment of endowed chairs, and for fully funded chairs that have remained vacant for a period of three years or more, or in event that the chair's payout accumulated income exceeds five years of payout, are also described in the Administrative guidelines.



Added APM 190, Appendix E, Program Description of the Salary Differential Housing Allowance Program. The Chancellor is authorized to approve exceptions in individual cases to the eligibility requirements. Effective March 15, 1999, the Housing Allowance maximum increased to $50,000. The Chancellor may establish repayment conditions on a local basis, and agreements should be in writing. Exceptions to the maximum Housing Allowance require approval by the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President--Academic Affairs.



As a result of the implementation of Step IX to the Professorial Salary Scales effective July 1, 2000, APM - 220-18-b(4) has been revised to reflect the change in the normal period of service at Step VIII to three years, in conformance with the normal period of service at the other professorial steps. The normal period of service at Step IX is four years. The major review of full professors continues to take place at Step V.



Added APM - 190, Appendix F, Policy on the Use of Non-19900 Fund Sources to Support Ladder-Rank Faculty. This new policy will allow specified non-19900 fund sources to be used to raise ladder-rank faculty salary levels or to fund new FTE to maintain a faculty of superior quality.



Revised 520-0 and 520-4



Revised 710-20-a and 710-20-b



Revised 715-0



Revised 760-0, 760-27-a, and 760-28-a



APM - 710 (Sick Leave) and 760 (Childbearing Leave, Parental Leave, and Active Service-Modified Duties) have been revised to clarify that appointees may take leaves to care for their domestic partners and their domestic partners' children on the same bases as appointees with spouses. APM - 760 has also been revised to clarify the eligibility period for Active Service-Modified Duties. APM - 715 (Family and Medical Leave) has been revised to clarify that in lieu of using family and medical leave, appointees may be eligible under University policy to take other types of leave to care for domestic partners. APM - 520 (Employment of Near Relatives) has been revised to reflect technical changes to conform with the changes to the leave policies cited above.



The Guidelines on Intercampus Recruiting apply to the intercampus recruitment of ladder rank faculty. The Guidelines have been revised to emphasize that the Chancellor of the recruiting campus must notify the other Chancellor of the intention to make an offer at the earliest possible opportunity. The Chancellor of the recruiting campus is to provide written information regarding the details of the offer. The Guidelines also clarify the salary level that may be offered to a faculty member by the recruiting campus. The Guidelines shall be used in conjunction with the timing provisions of APM - 510, Intercampus Transfers.



Revised and renamed 670



Deleted 671


On 11/23/99, APM - 670 was revised and renamed "Health Sciences Compensation Plan and Guidelines on Occasional Outside Professional Activities by Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants." The Health Sciences Compensation Plan is a consolidation and revision of the former Medical School Clinical Compensation Plan (MSCCP) and the General Health Sciences Compensation Plan (GHSCP). It is closely patterned after the MSCCP but differs in some respects. The membership requirements of MSCCP and GHSCP have been combined and incorporated in the new Plan. Also, under the new Plan, the President issued the "Guidelines on Outside Professional Activities by Health Sciences Compensation Plan Participants." The Guidelines are included as part of APM - 670. The new Plan and Guidelines provide greater flexibility to campuses with respect to establishing procedures governing outside activities so that Plan participants can be treated more like other faculty at UC and at comparison universities. APM - 671, which contained the previous Medical School Clinical Compensation Plan, was deleted when APM - 670 was revised and renamed.