Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program - Call for Applications 2015 Link

Call for Proposals release July 2015

Funds research that enhances understanding of tobacco use, prevention and cessation, the social, economic and policy-related aspects of tobacco use, and tobacco-related diseases in the state of California.

Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives

Call for Proposals released May 1, 2014

Support for innovative research programs and collaborations that advance knowledge and discovery, promote unique student research experiences and tackle problems of critical importance to the university and the state.

Proof of Concept Program

Proof of Concept Program: Commercialization Gap Grants (POC) is an effort to bridge the gap from research to commercialization in what is sometimes called “the valley of death”: that is, the absence of an industry sponsor and the lack of funding to build a prototype of a product or service that could then be used to solicit investment for a new company or license a new product.

UC Lab Fees Research Program

These grants promote collaborations between UC researchers and the national laboratories at UC.