Performance appraisal process

Each manager and supervisor is required by UC policy and by the applicable labor contract to conduct performance appraisals. Performance appraisals are required for:

  • Probationary employees: A probationary employee shall be assessed at least once during a full probationary period, preferably at the mid-point of probation; and,
  • Career employees: A career employee's performance shall be assessed in writing at least once per year.
  • Contract employees: A contract employee should receive a written appraisal at least once per year.

Performance appraisal resources

Online resources are available to assist managers and employees with the Performance Appraisal process.

Performance appraisal forms

Performance evaluations at UCOP include the following elements: a description of performance goals and objectives, examples of how the previous goals were met, and a performance rating on a 5-point scale.

There are two evaluation forms, Non-Supervisory and Manager/Supervisor. Employees are assigned the appropriate form in eAppraisal and will receive notification to complete the appraisal.

Unfortunately, the radio buttons are not activated in the PDF, but you can print and note your ratings as a draft and enter them into Halogen later.