2024 Health Data Governance Report PDF

Read about the recommendations from the UC health data governance task force for a justice-based model of health data use.

UC Population Health Inaugural Report PDF

UC Population Health examines care and outcomes in new ways to create value. Read about its data-driven program that works to advance value-based care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and optimize resource use and costs.

UC Global Health Institute 2022-2023 Annual Report PDF

UC Global Health Institute 2022-2023 Annual Report

The UC Global Health Institute reports on its efforts in 2022-2023 to make a meaningful impact locally and globally, propelled by the vision that improved health for everyone in the world is possible and essential.

Systemwide Economic, Fiscal and Social Impact Analysis

The University’s health system and health professional schools drive growth across the state.

Community Benefit Report for FY 21-22 PDF

University of California Health’s academic health centers and faculty practices provided $4.4 billion in FY 21-22 in programs, activities and care to treat and promote health and healing in communities across California.

2018 Health Data Governance Report PDF

Learn more about President’s Ad Hoc Task Force guidance on the use of health data.

UC Budget for Current Operations 2022-2023

Information on our Health Sciences Instruction begins on page 57 and Teaching Hospitals on page 109.

2022 UC Accountability Report

View our assessment of teaching, research and public service goals for the health enterprise in Chapter 11 of the University's annual accountability report.

Diversity in Health Sciences

UCH is mindful of the importance of diversity in all stages of health education, training and faculty to improve patient experience, community health and economic mobility.

UCH Academic Health Centers

UC has six academic health centers, including five that own or operate hospitals.

Academic Health Sciences Training

UCH has 20 health professional schools in seven disciplines (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Veterinary Medicine).

Graduate Medical Education PDF

UCH has 20 health professional schools in seven disciplines (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Veterinary Medicine.

Continuing Medical Education Link

Continuing medical education provided by UC.

Reporting Transparency Link

This website provides the UC community and the public, including investors, with easy access to a variety of financial information about the University of California.

UCH Coordinating Committee Guidance

View the guidance from University of California Health (UCH) to UC campuses and academic health centers about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Allocation of Scarce Critical Resources under Crisis Standards of Care PDF

The pandemic has obligated hospitals to consider scenarios in which the demand for critical resources could outstrip the supply.

Information about COVID-19 Vaccines

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines with these FAQs from UCH academic health centers.