An Era of Change: A Closer Look at Veterinary Education and Practice December 2015 PDF

December 2015

This report highlights emerging trends and provides perspective on the veterinary workforce and schools of veterinary medicine across California and the nation.

An Era of Growth and Change: A Closer Look at Pharmacy Education and Practice February 2014 PDF

February 2014

The landscape for pharmacy education has changed dramatically in recent years, as rapid growth in new schools and student enrollment has eased state and regional workforce shortages.

A New Era of Growth: A Closer Look at Recent Trends in Health Professions Education May 2013 PDF

May 2013

Enrollment in U.S. health professional schools has increased significantly in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and public health. This overview provides a “snapshot” in time of a landscape that is undergoing major change.

Physician supply in CA anticipated to fall short of need by 2015 July 14, 2004 PPT

July 14, 2004

Presentation: Forecasting the Supply and Demand for Physicians in California Through 2015: Results of the Study by the Center for Health Workforce Studies, University at Albany.

A Compelling Case for Growth January 2007 PDF

January 2007

Final Report of the President's Advisory Council on Future Growth in the Health Professions.

Health Sciences Education: Workforce Needs and Enrollment Planning April 2005 PDF

April 2005

An overview of the outcome of the HSC’s analysis and review of California’s health workforce needs as they relate to enrollment planning for UC health sciences programs.

Improving Health Care Access in the San Joaquin Valley: A Regional Approach through Collaboration and Innovation April 2018 PDF

April 2018

This report provides detailed information and recommendations on a variety of strategies to help improve access to care for residents of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV). As part of this work, the UC Office of the President partnered with the Healthforce Center at UC San Francisco to conduct an assessment of the health workforce needs in the SJV and to establish a baseline from which progress can be measured.

Current & Future Health Professions Workforce Needs in the San Joaquin Valley July 2017 PDF

July 2017

The San Joaquin Valley is one of fastest growing, poorest, and least healthy regions of California. The region has historically suffered from a shortage of physicians and other critical segments of the region’s health professions workforce also may not be adequate to meet the region’s needs. This report analyzes current data describing characteristics of the region’s supply and demand for health professionals to assess whether the workforce will be adequate to meet the region’s future demand for health professionals.