Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs

University of California Health’s Health Policy & Regulatory Affairs (HPRA) department develops and executes the systemwide state and federal policy and regulatory agenda in collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners. The team’s efforts are informed by experts across the UC system and the strategic goals for the health-related aspects of the University’s academic and public service missions. HPRA’s work includes:

  • Develop and implement UCH’s policy and regulatory priorities
  • Monitor and analyze proposed legislation and regulations
  • Develop positions on proposed policies as well as strategies to provide input into state and federal policy and regulatory initiatives
  • Keep UCH stakeholders apprised of proposed policies and gather input on the impact of those proposals
  • Organize and lead work groups to review and gather comments on proposed policy and regulatory matters
  • In collaboration with the University’s government relations colleagues, build and maintain relationships with relevant state and federal policymakers and conduct briefings on issues of importance to UCH
  • Coordinate with partner institutions, trade associations and UC subject matter experts
  • Identify opportunities for UCH experts to participate in state and federal policymaking / advisory committees and workgroups to provide expertise and represent UCH’s strategic goals
  • Assist UCH and its academic health centers with policy and regulatory concerns