2022 Awardees

UCOP's Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs Department is happy to announce the results of the 2022 review for the UC-HBCU Initiative.

Applications were reviewed and ranked by a committee consisting of faculty and administrators from the University of California and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Adeyemi Adeleye

UC Irvine

UCI-NCA&T Internship Program in Environmental Nanotechnology

Phil Crews

UC Santa Cruz

The UCSC-HBCU Network for Success in the Chemical/Biological Sciences

Shelly Gable

UC Santa Barbara

Summer Program in Psychological and Brain Sciences (SP_PBS)

Ellen Holman

UC Irvine

Promoting Compassion & Health Equity: Pathways for Minority Nurse Scientists

James Monroe

UC Santa Cruz

Summer Internship in West African and African Diaspora Archaeology

Ashley Wolf

UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley-FAMU Microbiome Research Opportunity