2020 Awardees

UCOP's Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs Department is happy to announce the results of the 2020 review for the UC-HBCU Initiative.

Applications were reviewed and ranked by a committee consisting of faculty and administrators from the University of California and Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney


Pathway to a Ph.D in Egyptology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Byron Ford

UC Riverside

UCR-HBCU Pathway to Biomedical Science and Neuroscience

Elisa Franco


UCLA-Howard University Summer Exchange - Engineering artificial biopolymers

Rachael King

UC Santa Barbara

Distant Reading in the Archives: The Ballitore Project

Ann Lazar


HU UCSF CAN DO Scholars program for Reducing Oral Health Disparities

Natalie Masuoka


Mark Q. Sawyer Summer Institute in Race, Ethnicity and Politics

Grace O'Connell

UC Berkeley

Berkeley–Howard — Mechanical Engineering Summer Research Program

Ben Olguin

UC Santa Barbara

The AfroLatinx Literary and Cultural Studies Project

Jie Zheng


Vision Science Summer Research Program