Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

IGETC is a comprehensive pattern of courses that prospective transfer students from California community colleges can complete to satisfy lower division General Education requirements at both UC and CSU.

Students have the option of completing either IGETC or the specific lower-division general education/breadth requirements of the campus they plan to attend. IGETC is not recommended for all majors. (For example, some campuses strongly advise against the IGETC pattern for students hoping to transfer into science and engineering majors.) For further information, visit the UC undergraduate admissions site or ASSIST.

IGETC Course Approval

Before submitting a course for IGETC consideration, it must be approved and included in the UC TCA for your community college. Learn more about the TCA process >

You will receive instructions and information about submitting courses for IGETC review in the fall. Submit your UC-transferable courses in OSCAR by mid-December. After UC and CSU jointly review courses, IGETC articulation decisions are available by late spring and are effective for the current academic year.

IGETC resources

Remember: Courses must be approved for the TCA in order to be considered for IGETC.