About the OP Staff Assembly


The OP Staff Assembly supports the mission of the University of California by encouraging communication between staff and the administration and other members of the university community on matters of interest to staff employees, in accordance with California laws and Regental policy.

The OP Staff Assembly is an organization for staff dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of all staff employees. Assembly activities provide forums where staff at all levels can discuss university issues of mutual concern, and offer opinions and recommendations to Office of the President administration or others on polices, processes and programs.

The Assembly also fosters an understanding of the university’s mission and the Office of the President’s connection to campuses, hospitals, and laboratories by providing networking opportunities to increase exchange of knowledge in all aspects of the Office of the President community.

The role of staff in UC governance

All UC campuses, labs and health care facilities have staff councils. The OP Staff Assembly is the one that serves staff at the Office of the President.

Strictly speaking, the OP Staff Assembly consists of all employees at UCOP, while governance happens at the Steering Committee level. Terms last two years, and no more than two consecutive terms are allowed without hiatus. The OP Staff Assembly ranges from five to 11 members and meets monthly, using Robert's Rules of Order in a collegial, informal context. The OP Staff Assembly is not a union and is barred by its own bylaws from engaging in collective bargaining.

Like the other staff councils, the OP Staff Assembly sends two of its members to serve as delegates (one junior, one senior) to CUCSA, the Council of UC Staff Assemblies, which meets quarterly, researches and assesses system-wide staff issues via workgroups, and reports its findings and policy recommendations annually to the regents.

The other component of staff governance at UC are the Staff Advisors to the Regents. They are selected from all staff and non-Senate academic employees, and are appointed by the President in consultation with the Chairman of the Board. Serving as non-voting advisors to designated Regents' committees, the staff advisors have direct input into the Board's deliberations and decisions.