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The Strategy and Program Management Office (SPMO), as trusted strategic advisors, seeks to partner with clients to apply rigor and analysis on high-impact priorities that advance the mission of the University across our seven capabilities.

In response to ongoing demand and to provide greater ease for initiating, the SPMO has developed a streamlined intake process for clients to quickly submit proposals to the SPMO. The goal of the intake process is quickly start conversation with the client and to transparently evaluate engagements with clients using the following prioritization criteria.

Aligns with SPMO mission and offerings

Strategic goal/priority to President and EPAG

Systemwide impact

Multiple OP divisions involved and impacted

Single OP division involved with impact to multiple divisions

SPMO development area for future high impact projects

Order of Priority X 1 2 3 4 5

If a potential engagement achieves one or more these prioritization criteria, the SPMO encourages the submission of proposed engagement through our intake form. The SPMO understands clients may only have initial ideas identified when completing the intake form. As such, this is first step in a consultative process to determine the potential for partnership. If through this process, the SPMO determines a proposed engagement is not a fit, we will work with client to strategize on possible alternatives.

Once an engagement proposal is submitted, the SPMO undertakes two phases of work, first a Discovery and Consultation Phase, and second an Assessment and Decision Phase. While the tables below show the high level intake process workflow, more detail information on the intake steps can be found in this overview.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Engagement Opportunity Identification by Department

 Department develops project idea and identifies how the SPMO will be engaged in the scope of work. Determines if SPMO capabilities fit need.

Intake Form
Submission by Department

Department completes and submits the SPMO Intake Form in Smartsheet with initiative/project data. SPMO available for consultation to complete form.

SPMO and Department
Intake Review

 SPMO reviews request and interacts with department point of contact to clarify business need and problem or challenge project is solving.

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6

SPMO Assessment
and Decision

SPMO assesses request against criteria and ranks priority. Point of contact receives an email with explanation accepting or declining the initiative/project.*

Statement of Work (SOW) Agreement

If accepted, SPMO creates a SOW that outlines the scope of work, high level roles/ responsibilities and timing. The SPMO works with the client to refine engagement and sponsor approves.

SPMO Assignment and Schedule

Once the engagement is agreed upon by both parties, the initiative/project is assigned and scheduled. The assigned SPMO owner collaborates with client to launch.

* If the SPMO determines the engagement will not be a fit whether due to timing, nature of project or resource needs, we will work with the client to strategize on possible alternatives.

After reviewing these materials and you believe a proposed engagement would build upon SPMO’s capability areas and achieves at least one prioritization criteria, we encourage the completion of the intake form as the first step. Once the form is completed, we will be in touch within three business days with next steps.