Occupational and Employee Health Advisory Coalition (OEHAC)

The University of California Occupational and Employee Health Advisory Coalition (OEHAC) is an association of Occupational Medicine and Employee Health professionals who seek to provide direction and leadership to the university in the area of occupational health as well as in the development of an integrated approach to the physical and emotional health needs of employees. Recognizing that occupational health, personal health and mental well being all impact employee effectiveness on the job, OEHAC seeks to improve the overall health, well being, and productivity of the university work force.

Contact Kevin Confetti at (510) 987-9868 or email Kevin.

Current Projects – Topics – Issues

  1. Compass Care Update
  2. PR-4 update
  3. Stress Claims / UC Investigations
  4. Avian Flu Preparedness
  5. Pre-placement Evaluation Standardization Recommendations
  6. Committee Selection for the following:
    • Post-exposure Program Standardization Recommendations
    • TB Program Standardization Recommendations
    • Animal Handlers Post-exposure (i.e., macaque monkeys) Standardization Recommendations