Foreign Liability and Voluntary Workers' Compensation

The Office of Risk Services procures foreign liability and voluntary workers' compensation insurance for the University’s operations outside the USA. This insurance program protects the University and insures adherence to local insurance laws to enable University faculty and staff to engage in research and educational endeavors abroad.

Before starting any project abroad, there are several items you need to take into consideration. 

  • Are you signing a lease for office or research space?
  • Are you purchasing any office or research space?
  • Are you entering into any contracts or agreements with foreign host country institutions, organizations, entities, or government agencies?
  • Are you establishing any long term (over 90 days) or on-going projects? 
  • Are you conducting any clinical trials abroad and being required to provide the insurance coverage for the trial?
  • Are you acquiring a long-term leased automobile or purchasing an automobile? 
  • Are you hiring any local nationals to work for you as an employee? Are you hiring anyone as an “independent contractor”?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the above the UC, you should contact your Campus/Health Center Risk Management Office, as it may be necessary for the UC to obtain a separate policy to be compliant with local insurance laws and regulations.

Questions and further information

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Liability

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