We fund research to address some of California's most critical needs.

The Research Grants Program Office (RGPO) oversees a broad grantmaking portfolio of over $100 million a year to support research that is critical to California, the nation and the world. RGPO programs enhance UC’s research capacity and excellence, which helps attract top faculty, graduate students, government funding and companies to our state. These grants also enable health researchers and community agencies to collaborate and solve the most pressing problems in the state. RGPO also provides grants for training undergraduates, graduate and postdoctoral researchers, whose work will benefit California communities. Learn more

Bart Aoki

Bart Aoki

Executive Director, RGPO

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Research Grants Program Office
University of California
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RGPO Annual Report

Find out how our programs...
  • Seed discovery
  • Spur the economy
  • Pioneer initiatives
  • Promote collaborations
  • Shape policy
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Funded research

405 bannerSee grants that have been funded through breast cancer research contributions to line 405. Learn more