Lead Agency Marketing Program (LAMP)

Lights the Way Forward

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Last year, UC Procurement delivered over $380 million in benefit to expand opportunities for teaching, research and public services across the University of California. But what if UC Procurement could benefit more than UC campuses? What if every school district that sends students to UC could buy through the contracts we create? What if the UC programs that promote sustainability in our procurement agreements could be offered to every college and university? And what if every state and local government agency that has 1 or 2 people in procurement could tap into the expertise of the 300 professionals that are a part of UC Procurement?

Now they can, by way of our new relationship with Omnia Partners Public Sector, the largest purchasing organization for public sector procurement. UC Procurement will now work as a ‘lead agency’ with Omnia to create a portfolio of sourcing programs that will be offered to government, higher education, K-12 education and non-profit organizations nationwide.

In the last year, over 60,000 participating public sector organizations, including the University of California, made over $13 billion in purchases from Omnia’s portfolio of more than 300 contracts. As part of our relationship with Omnia, UC will receive a portion of the contract administration fee paid by suppliers. That money will be invested in developing UC’s supply chain capabilities by funding SC500 activities.

UC’s program with Omnia was established with our MRO program agreements with Fastenal, Grainger and CED Lighting. Our current projects for Audio Visual Equipment and Services and Temporary Labor will be included in the program, and we are working together to finalize the future pipeline.

By Justin Sullivan - Director, Strategic Sourcing and Centers of Excellence