Comes of Age...

CalUsource 1st Anniversary

The CalUsource team celebrated their first-year anniversary with hands-on refresher trainings in northern and southern California in February.  100+ CalUsource users were trained on CalUsource fundamentals and advanced capabilities. Going forward, the CalUsource team plans to host semi-annual refresher trainings to enhance the user experience and adoption.

The 2017 California State Audit charged UC to create a central ‘contract repository’ by December 31, 2018. To meet that requirement, the CalUsource team partnered with multiple functional teams throughout the UC system to perform a one-time bulk contract upload into CalUsource. We’re proud to say we completed this historical contract migration effort three weeks in advance of the deadline. As a result, about 5,000 UC systemwide and campus contracts are now housed in CalUsource, which means they can be accessed and searched by users within the platform. Moving forward, all new negotiated contracts will be created within CalUsource or added directly.

In an effort to streamline the RFP creation process, CalUsource now houses a set of standardized RFP questions on company information and sustainability. Based on best practices gleaned from users across the UC system, these templates ensure consistency through common language, act as a checklist to expedite RFP creation, reduce potential risk, and enforce uniform criteria in these areas. Stay tuned for additional sourcing templates being developed in CalUsource…

By Karen Rhee, Associate Director, Sourcing & Contract Technology, UC Procurement Services