Supplier Scorecard Pilot Project

by Stephanie Lopez, Special Programs Manager, Procurement Services, UCOP

The Supplier Scorecard pilot project is meant to address the challenge of assessing supplier sustainability practices. Historical attempts to address these practices have had success in terms of supplier engagement and positive change, but the efforts were not scalable. Many procurement teams have struggled to do the desired assessment.

With these challenges in mind, we are launching a new supplier sustainability scorecard pilot focused on leveraging the assessment methodology of a recognized third-party provider. EcoVadis has been selected as the UC pilot system for their robust assessment model, their right-sized approach to suppliers and for their continuous improvement capabilities.

EcoVadis assesses supplier practices across four impact areas: Environmental, Social, Ethics and Supply Chain by reviewing a company’s internal policies/documentation, external reporting/certifications and reported results.

During the initial three-month pilot, participants from throughout the UC system will test the EcoVadis online system, review supplier scorecards and participate in interviews to discuss their findings. The objectives of this pilot are to assess the EcoVadis product to ensure that it can provide UC with scorecards that are relevant to our solicitation processes and in line with the values and goals of the University.

Want more information or are interested in participating? Contact Stephanie Lopez: