eProcurement Systems

UC Procurement Services is in the process of moving its eProcurement technology to Unified Instance. Unified Instance is a partnership between the ten UC campuses to incorporate procure-to-pay processes and systems onto one technology platform.

Unified Instance Infographic

Until UC eProcurement technology is fully integrated to Unified Instance, each campus is maintaining its own eProcurement system. There are three types of eProcurement systems enabled: Full-suite (Jaggaer), Sandwich Model (Jaggaer) and Perfect Commerce. See below for a description of each eProcurement system and the campuses that use them.

Full-Suite (powered by Jaggaer)

This is a one-stop marketplace for all goods and services utilizing Jaggaer technology. All shopping, approving and invoice processing is performed in the eProcurement system.

Campus Site Name
UC Berkeley BearBuy
UC Davis AggieBuy
UC San Diego Marketplace
UC San Francisco BearBuy
UC Santa Barbara Gateway
UC Santa Cruz CruzBuy

Sandwich Model (powered by Jaggaer)

Shopping for hosted catalog and punchout occurs within the Jaggaer eProcurement system. Complex goods and services, as well as all approvals and invoice processing is performed in the ERP.

Campus Site Name
UC Irvine UCIBuy
UC Riverside eCatalog

Perfect Commerce

Shopping for hosted catalog, punchout, and special request orders utilizing Perfect Commerce technology

UC Office of the President
UC Los Angeles
UC Merced

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