Equipment Management

Equipment Management establishes procedures for the management and control of all inventorial equipment under the care and custody of the regents.

"Equipment" are all items meeting the following criteria, and must be tracked by the university's property and financial systems:

  • Are non-expendable
  • Stand alone
  • Have a normal useful life of one year or more
  • Qualify as tangible personal property with an acquisition cost of $5000 or more (includes gifts and transfers of equipment at this value)
  • Note that firearms, government property, certain "theft-sensitive" items, and vehicles registered with the DMV must be recorded and tracked, regardless of cost

For Equipment Custodians

The head of the custodial department and the Principal Investigator have primary responsibility for the care, maintenance, records, physical inventory, control, and disposition of inventorial equipment and other University or extramurally-funded property.

Introduce yourself and your custodial role to your Campus Equipment Administrator/Equipment Manager (xlsx).

Familiarize yourself with:

  • BUS-29 (pdf), which governs management and control of university equipment
  • BUS-38 (pdf), which governs disposal and transfer of university equipment

For Equipment Custodians at the UCOP Campus

For Equipment Managers