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High-quality LED lighting options — Million LED Challenge

The Million LED Challenge (MLC) program launched in 2018 as a collaborative effort led by UC Procurement, with the California State University (CSU) system, the California Community College (CCC) system, and the California Department of General Services (DGS). The goal is to encourage widespread adoption of high-quality LED light sources in California government buildings, public universities and college campuses, and among public institution staff, students, faculty, and alumni.

In 2020, the MLC program expanded available LED options to include high-quality linear LED lamps, retrofit kits and luminaires (as replacements for linear fluorescents) (table 1 below), in addition to the A-lamps, PAR-lamps and downlights (table 2 below) previously available in the program. MLC partners are working with facility and construction managers throughout their organizations to encourage widespread adoption of high-quality LED light sources throughout California and nationwide.

Contract documents available in CalUsource.

Linear LED Lamps, Retrofit Kits & Luminaires (table 1)
Firm Purchase Contact

All-Phase CED

(Linear LED Lamps)

CalUsource #2020.002766


(818) 524-7516


LED GREEN Light International

(Linear LED Lamps, Retrofit Kits, Luminaires)

CalUsource #2020.002767


(559) 550-1020


Rexel USA

(Linear LED Lamps)

CalUsource #2020.002768


(800) 777-0172



Screwbase Lights (table 2)
Firm Purchase Contact

All-Phase Electric Supply

(A-lamps, PAR-lamps, R-lamps, MR-16 lamps, downlights, retrofit kits)


(818) 524-7516

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