Lead Agency Marketing Partnership (LAMP)

Why Use UC Contracts?

Use UC Contracts

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UC Procurement acts as a lead agency for OMNIA Partners to create a portfolio of competitively bid contracts that leverage the vast scale of the University of California's (UC) purchasing power. Our broad range of contracts can be used by UC campuses, other higher education institutions, K-12 education systems, local and state government and nonprofit agencies nationwide. OMNIA Partners has a robust team dedicated to promoting the UC portfolio nationwide through a variety of strategic sales and marketing initiatives.

January 2023, marks the fourth anniversary of UC's Lead Agency Marketing Partnership (LAMP) program. The LAMP program has grown exponentially over the past four years, adding 21 categories and 56 contracts to our lead agency portfolio. These category programs continue to grow both internally at UC and externally.

Public service is at the core of LAMP. Universities, government agencies, municipalities, and public schools across the country can piggyback on UC’s contracts with no participation fees. Removing the burden of completing contracts helps these organizations save money and time, while checking all the necessary boxes of cost, policy compliance, sustainability, best value, and more. Today, over 2500 government agencies use UC contracts, adding up to almost $400 million in spend.

UC's competitively bid contracts are created by our award-winning sourcing teams using our 7-step strategic sourcing method and best-in-class procurement technology. Each contract is awarded based on a comprehensive 'best value' approach with sustainability and small/diverse business criteria built into the evaluation process.

Public sector and nonprofit agencies can benefit from these strategically-sourced, flexible and deeply discounted contracts. They also gain confidence and peace of mind knowing that the expertise, knowledge and reputation of the University of California is behind every purchase and that each contract is in full compliance with the rules and regulations governing public sector procurement.

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