Making Power Moves: Women & Leadership

Amy Levine, Ed.D.

Beginning Fall 2019, PACSW is again sponsoring the course, “Making Power Moves: Women and Leadership” taught by Dr. Amy Levine, certified leadership coach, educator, and consultant.

Tuesdays 4:00-7:00 pm starting September 17 - November 19, 2019. Sessions will be held at 1111 Broadway (cost: $600 for 10 sessions) 
This course has consistently received overwhelmingly positive feedback and has resulted in some great outcomes for past participants! The class was developed specifically for UCOP staff and is most beneficial to high-performing individuals who manage people or projects. It is a great way to help boost your professional development and career goals in the new year.

Nominate your female employees to attend the course, Making Power Moves for Women. You will both benefit when they excel at UCOP by applying high standards of ethical practice and compassionate leadership. 

Workshop participants will learn to:

  • Navigate their personal professional advancement with grace and poise.
  • Develop coaching techniques to empower their own supervisees and delegate with clarity and confidence.
  • Assess organizational politics in order to put their best foot forward in the workplace.
  • Assess the state of their professional networks, and learn the secret about networking as a vehicle to make connections that truly count.
  • Prepare to negotiate, build a case, present a request, and clinch the deal.
  • Successfully think and speak extemporaneously.
  • Help others recognize their value in the workplace, and create a successful relationship with leadership.
  • Enhance leadership skills by focusing on successes rather than mistakes.

Supervisors will:

  • Maximize your supervisees’ individual potential and enhance their contributions to your team.
  • Gain an employee with improved communication skills, enhanced independent judgment and decision making ability.
  • Encourage positive delegation skills of your supervisees who have their own management responsibilities.
  • Provide an alternative reward for employees where policy otherwise limits compensation and other recognition of merit.
  • Benefit by having an employee who can speak assertively and effectively on behalf of your team.
  • Enjoy more visibility for your unit through the application of networking skills. 

See the following PPT for more information and testimonials: Making Power Moves - Supervisors


Instructor: Amy Levine -
Past Participant: Phil Peña, OCIO -