2019-2020 UC-HSI DDI Competitive Grant Awardees


Name of PI: Karen McDonald

Campus: UC Davis

Title:  Advancing Diversity by Educating the Professors of Tomorrow (ADEPT)


Name of PI: Lucila Ohno-Machado

Campus: UC San Diego

Title: Recruitment & Retention Doctoral Diversity (R2D2) Initiative in Informatics


Name of PI: Khaleel Razak

Campus: UC Riverside

Title:  Increasing Faculty Diversity in Neuroscience


Name of PI: Barbara Sarnecka

Campus: UC Irvine

Title: Enhancing Diversity and Equitable Inclusion Thriving in the Academy Program


Name of PI: Frances Sladek

Campus: UC Riverside

Title: Mentoring URM Science Students for the Professoriate Pilot Program


Name of PI: Chris Kello

Campus: UC Merced

Title: Adelante HSI: Preparing Future Faculty Bootcamp