Janelle Manzano

GFI Fellow - Class of 2020

Graduate student, public health
UC San Diego


Janelle will be partnering with The Center of Ecoliteracy (The Center), a nonprofit school food advocacy organization, based in Oakland, Calif. They work with a variety of stakeholders such as Calif., school food services, policy advocacy groups, and other school food organizations to implement Farm to School (F2S) initiatives within California schools. F2S includes the three following tiers 1) local procurement, 2) nutrition education and 3) school gardens. The Center has asked her to optimize the collaboration between them and their partnering school districts to enhance their F2S support and programming to have a more district wide approach. Currently, The Center works primarily with School Food Services to implement F2S initiatives. Their goal is to expand this collaboration with other departments and leadership within a school district (i.e., Wellness Committee, Curriculum Development Team, etc.,) to ultimately implement F2S initiatives more holistically.