Tara Benesch

GFI Fellow - Class of 2016

Graduate Student, Joint Medical Program
UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco


Leveraging Research for Policy in Food Systems


Undertake a research project on a pressing food or agriculture policy issue, preferably in one of the following three areas: 1) agroecology/sustainable agriculture; 2) nutritious food for all; 3) jobs in the food system. She will work in collaboration with Nina Ichikawa at the Berkeley Food Initiative and Karen Sokal-Gutierrez at the School of Public Health. Her responsibilities will include:

  • Participating in planning discussions with faculty and staff members and others involved in the UC GFI Leveraging Research for Policy Change in Food Systems subcommittee to assist in planning briefing events to be held in spring 2016, and reporting on progress of the subcommittee.
  • Participating in policy analysis and co-drafting and editing of policy briefs and case studies that are derived from research findings and can be used to inform policy on key issues in food systems; assist in formatting the briefs for effective communication.

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