Douglas Tolley

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Hydrologic Sciences
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/UC Davis


Hydrologic Response of Managed Aquifer Recharge on Agricultural Fields During Prolonged Drought, Scott Valley


This project tests the feasibility and potential hydrologic response of using agricultural fields for managed aquifer recharge in Scott Valley during a simulated prolonged (five-year) drought. The Scott Valley Integrated Hydrologic Model (SVIHM) will be used to examine differences between two scenarios: 1) current agricultural and water management practices, and 2) conjunctive use management. Differences in late summer streamflow between the two scenarios will be compared to determine if managed aquifer recharge will have significant benefit to the hydrologic system.


The major goal of this project is to examine the feasibility and potential impacts of using agricultural fields as temporary managed aquifer recharge sites. An expected outcome of this project is implementation of conjunctive use water management within the Scott Valley if the results indicate that existing infrastructure would be sufficient to significantly impact the hydrologic system.

Future Plans

Implementation of additional conjunctive use scenarios in Scott Valley.


Nigel Quinn