Samantha Smith

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Public Health
UC Agriculture and Natural Resources/UC Davis


Stories From the Field - Global Food Initiative


Research and program experts were identified across California with the goal of disseminating their professional stories through an online portal and social media to showcase UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) efforts statewide. The main objective for the fellow was to identify the agriculture, food and nutrition work of UC ANR and to uncover the scientists and advocates behind the work. With direction from advisor Constance Schneider and communications team members, the GFI fellow developed interview questions for experts in fall 2014 and began interviews during spring 2015.


The major goals are to highlight stories from UC efforts statewide that illustrate what UC ANR academic researchers, known as advisors, do on a daily basis that ultimately contribute to the Global Food Initiative. By working with various levels of the population, the work that is completed by UC ANR has implications for specific counties, communities, statewide, nationwide and internationally. It was my goal to begin to uncover what the reach and scope of varying projects may have and how any given project may be connected to the outcome of another.

Future Plans

My plans are to complete this project I’ve started. I am very proud of the development I have made through this journey and would feel sad to walk away abruptly. I can proudly say that I am leaving my fingerprint with the articles that were published.


Constance Schneider, Pamela Kan-Rice and Jeannette Warnert