Jonathan Schor

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Neuroscience and Medicine
UC San Francisco


Reinterpreting Nutrition Facts: A Mobile App to Inform Consumer Choices in the Short Term and Food Policy in the Long Term


Nutri Sense is a mobile Android application designed to make the caloric information on Nutrition Facts labels more tractable to the average consumer. To achieve this, the app allows the user to convert caloric amounts into physical activity equivalents (minutes running, minutes swimming, etc.) to give users a better understanding of the energetic consequences of the foods they eat.


The major goal was to create an application that facilitated the mobile conversion of calories to physical activity equivalents. This has been accomplished, although the app continues to be fine-tuned and additional features will be added in the future.

Future Plans

The ideal outcome would be to continue developing Nutri Sense and integrate it into a larger, more established fitness app.


Catherine Lomen-Hoerth and Aenor Sawyer