Vanessa Moreno

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, International Development Studies


Turn Things Around: Obesity Prevention at the Grassroots


In an effort to confront obesity in her community, Stefani, a single mother of five in Pasadena, works with other parents to formulate local policies that will protect their children from the adverse effects of food marketing.


Our goal was to expose the inner workings of the Pasadena Parent Action group. Our aim was to document the bottom-up approach that the parents in this group were taking in order to effect policy change in their community in regards to healthy food issues that affect their children.

Future Plans

After this quarter ends, I will continue working at UCLA's Healthy Campus Initiative coordinating media. I also am participating in the making of more videos that will be shown in Congress to lobby for an increase in funding in the National School Lunch Program in conjunction with the organization Urban School Food Alliance.


Andy Rice and Wendy Slusser