Kevi Mace-Hill

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Environmental Science, Policy,
and Management: Agricultural Entomology
UC Agriculture and Natural Resources/UC Berkeley


Connecting Graduate Students to UC Cooperative Extension


Graduate students at UC Berkeley are often looking to partner with the community while doing applied research. However, students are often isolated from the best entity to facilitate these collaborative projects, UC Cooperative Extension. This is a loss for both sides as many graduate students are interested in doing applied research and UCCE academics could often use help. My Global Food Initiative project was designed to strengthen the connection between UCCE and graduate students at UC Berkeley as well as facilitate skills building workshops to help prepare students for Cooperative Extension.

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1) Create connections between UC Cooperative Extension and graduate students at UC Berkeley through the 3rd annual Cooperative Extension Showcase and broaden the base of interested students participating in the Showcase Graduate Group Cooperative Extension. 2) Help graduate students get extra training in skills needed for Cooperative Extension through a m edia training workshop and connecting graduate students to Cooperative Extension mentors.

Future plans

I am pursuing a career in Cooperative Extension, specifically in areas related to agricultural entomology. This fellowship was very helpful in providing a space for me to connect my work to Cooperative Extension.


Vanessa Murua and Virginia Bolshakova