Daniel Lopez

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Linguistics and Anthropology
UC Riverside


R'Food Pantry Initiative


The R’Food Pantry Initiative at the UC Riverside began as a student action through the undocumented student organization, P.O.D.E.R. The initiative is a direct result and solution to address the 30 percent-plus of the student population that skips meals in order to save money. We seek to create and promote a safe space in the center of campus that provides free nutritional and hygienic products to reduce hunger and malnutrition, workshops to increase education on hunger awareness, and demonstrations and hands-on activities to promote sustainability through participation in the food process.

Future Plans

I plan to advocate for a permanent space and more secure funding to continue providing resources to the student population and, if possible, expand out to the community.


P.O.D.E.R., Undocumented Student Programs, Chicano Student Programs, UC Riverside Community Garden, Associated Students of UC Riverside and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, UC Riverside; and UC Cooperative Extension