Darrin Lin

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Computer Science
UC Riverside


California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFÉ) Website


The purpose of this project is to showcase the University of California Global Food Initiative (GFI) through the UC Riverside College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences website. In order to do this, a new website for California Agriculture and Food Enterprise (CAFÉ) will be created. The vision behind CAFÉ is to positively impact science, policies and practices related to the critical role of food and agriculture to human health and well-being.


The goal of my project is to create a website with a great experience for people who want to learn more about food, agriculture and the GFI. The website will have information about: CAFÉ, CAFÉ leadership, CAFÉ scholars, research areas in food and agriculture, news and events, and outreach.

Future Plans

My future plans involve software engineering, and website development can fall under that category. This fellowship project is a learning experience for me and will strengthen the software development I do in future careers.


Don Davidson and Jodie Holt