Kate Kaplan

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Sustainable Urban Ecology
UC Berkeley


Experiential Learning in Food Systems Education Within the UC System


The GFI Subcommittee on Experiential Learning is working to analyze experiential learning opportunities in food systems education within the University of California system. Our projects include 1) an online database of courses and programs featuring experiential learning components; 2) a written report addressing the current state of experiential learning across UC campuses; 3) a video series highlighting outstanding programs at each campus; and 4) a conference and workshop series to forge a stronger future for experiential learning in the UC system.

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The multipronged project aims to connect students with experiential learning opportunities at each UC campus, identify disparities in hands-on programs, and offer “best practices” to be used to create programs on campuses that lack sufficient opportunities and expand existing opportunities. The project also aims to enhance experiential learning curriculum in academic courses and co-curricular programs across the UC system.

Future Plans

I will continue working with this fellowship project until August 2015. Until then, I will be working on the implementation of the online database, completion of the report, and assisting with the initial planning for the regional workshops and statewide conference.


Lori Ann Thrupp, UC Berkeley; Jennifer Sowerwine, UC Berkeley/ANR; Mark Van Horn, UC Davis; Damian Parr, UC Santa Cruz; and Valerie Shepard, UCLA