Jane Kang

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Undergraduate Student, Urban Studies & Planning
UC San Diego


Participatory Design


My research project examined the design and possibilities of food forests in Southeastern San Diego, an area considered a "food desert." The purpose of my studies was to find ways in which the community can partake in creating better, locally grown, organic produce through the use of urban gardens.

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In my findings, I emphasize the importance of participation within a community food garden. Awareness and enthusiasm for the design of a garden is necessary for a project to succeed. There is a deficiency in fresh, available, quality produce for people in Southeastern San Diego. While there are many fast food options, there are not enough projects with locally grown produce in existence. Implementing these produce projects must come from the community's initiative for long-term sustainability.

Future Plans

My future plans are to continue researching and finding potential areas for urban food forests or hubs within Southeastern San Diego.


Paul Watson and Keith Pezzoli