Forrest Ryan Dowdy

GFI Fellow - Class of 2015

Graduate Student, Food Science
UC Davis


Microbial Fuel Cells for Food Waste


Microbial fuel cells are an emerging biotechnology that directly convert organic wastes into electricity through the use of electron-producing bacteria. This project is at the center of the sustainable food, agriculture and water nexus. Microbial fuel cells are a sustainable waste management option for food processors, leading to bioenergy generation, wastewater remediation and opportunities for reusing treated water for irrigation.

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Optimize an exoelectrogenic -- able to secrete electrons -- microbial community for power production on tomato feedstock. Optimize desalination efficiency with the microbial community. Disseminate research through outreach and publications.

Future plans

Future plans are to scale up microbial fuel cell technology for use by California food and agricultural industries.


Christopher W. Simmons