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The Facilities Manual contains University of California policies, procedures, and guidelines for its facilities. The manual is based on Regents' policy, federal and state laws, regulations, case law, and results of UC's dispute resolution. Areas covered include operations and administration, planning, design, construction contracting, and facilities management. View recent changes (pdf).

Volume 5: Bidding & Construction Administration: Introduction and Summary

Chapter 1: Methods of Contractor Selection

Chapter 2: Bidding Documents

Chapter 3: Preparing to Solicit Bids

Chapter 4: Determining Bidder Responsibility

Chapter 5: Soliciting Bids

Chapter 6: Receiving and Opening Bids

Chapter 7: Reviewing and Evaluating Bids

Chapter 8: Executing and Awarding the Contract

Chapter 9: Bid Protests

Chapter 10: Contractor Substitution During the Bidding Period

Chapter 11: Contract Administration

Chapter 12: Field Administration

Chapter 13: Contract Modifications

Chapter 14: Project Monitoring

Chapter 15: Contractor Payments

Chapter 16: Claims Resolution

Chapter 17: Beneficial Occupancy and Substantial Completion

Chapter 18: Contract Closeout

Chapter 19: Project Closeout

Chapter 20: Project Quality Management Program