Rules of the Game

Policies, guidelines and expectations for state-supported summer instruction: Draft, August 2006

Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to advise UC faculty, students, and staff of policies, guidelines, and expectations that apply as a consequence of the State’s funding of instruction at the University of California in the summer, i.e., on a year-round basis. Over time, policies may be reviewed and revised as necessary.

Overall Expectations

The purpose of funding summer instruction was to help campuses accommodate rapidly growing enrollments after the year 2000. The University committed to increasing summer enrollments to 24,000 FTE by summer 2010.

The State expects the University will use State funds provided for summer instruction in ways that are substantially the same as in the regular academic year.

“Rules of the game”

All campuses are State-funded as of summer 2006. This document applies to all general campuses equally. (Health sciences programs are already considered to be year-round.) The topics in this document provide the University policies and expectations. Topics include:

  • State operating funds
  • Student fees
  • Financial aid
  • Allocation of State funds and student fees
  • Enrolling students during the summer
  • Faculty appointments, compensation, and workload
  • Academic calendar
  • Academic program
  • Student academic appointments, including teaching assistants
  • Capital planning agreements
  • Impact on other summer activities

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