UCD Nutrition 010V: The Student Experience Sandwich

Innovations in Online and Digital Education: Speaker Series

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Cross-Campus Enrollment Course Description

Nutrition is an important Public Health topic, one that is especially relevant during the pandemic.  UCD NUT 010V has been offered online for more than three years and is an important contribution to cross-campus learning opportunities for students.  

We will take a “bite” into why this class is so popular and how the online course contributes to the Student Learning Experience “Sandwich.”  Learn not only about the “meat” of the course sandwich, but what makes up the rest? 

Hear from the instructor, TAs and students who have taken this course. Listen to real experiences of what it’s like to take an online course during the pandemic and what it’s like to take a course offered by another UC campus.

The UC Merced Student Support team will participate and answer enrollment questions

Guest Speakers

Debbie S. Fetter

Debbie S. Fetter, Ph.D., UCD 
Assistant Professor of Teaching Nutrition, Department of Nutrition

Ziwei Wang, Ph.D
Former NUT 10V Head TA
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Britt Loofbourrow, UCD
NUT 10V Head TA
Doctoral Student, Scherr Lab, Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology

Akash Sethi, UCD
Former NUT10V Student

Madeline Bright, UCD
Former NUT10V Student

Walker Woodard, UCR
Former NUT10V Student