For the families of students who are pursuing a path to college, the steps can be confusing, with many different options to consider and multiple deadlines to track. The ParentPrep series, developed by the Office of Diversity and Engagement, seeks to help UC staff navigate the college-preparation process with their students. The intent of the series is to:

  • Provide guidance about how students can start preparing for college.
  • Highlight important preparation milestones that students will encounter.
  • Introduce families to the UC admissions process.
  • Provide answers to frequently asked questions about preparing for college in general and UC in particular.

The curriculum provides college-preparation strategies for middle and high school students, with a brief introduction to the process of transferring to a four-year institution like UC from community college.

There are five modules below, each available to download as a PowerPoint presentation. Narration for each slide will play automatically when the slides are in presentation mode.

In addition to the ParentPrep series, campus staff members are ready to help you with more specific questions about applying for and financing a college education. For further information about the admissions process for both freshman and transfer applicants, please visit

About UC PPT

Module 1 | 6 minutes

This module is an introduction to the University of California system and its benefits to students and their families.

Preparing for College PPT

Module 2 | 4 minutes

This module provides information on how students and their families can prepare for college, starting in middle school.

How to Apply to UC PPT

Module 3 | 9 minutes

This module outlines the steps for students to be competitive applicants to UC.

How to Pay for UC PPT

Module 4 | 7 minutes

This module provides an overview of the many options that families can choose from to help their students pay for a UC education.

Frequently Asked Questions PPT

Module 5 | 6 minutes

This module provides answers to some of the most common questions asked by families about preparing for UC.

Module Notes PDF

For all modules

This downloadable document combines all module slides and narration notes.