Guidelines for preparing new workload request

As approved by UCOP Budget Office, campus proposals form the basis for the University's request for State funding for new (added or reduced) workload for Operations and Maintenance of Plant (OMP). A consolidated request for all campuses is included in the Regents Budget. Funds for new workload are ultimately provided from within the budget negotiated with the Governor, the Department of Finance, and the Legislature. Each year the Budget Office sets priorities and follows guidelines that support the effective and efficient management of State OMP support.

Campus proposals are reviewed by the Budget Office to confirm square footage, occupancy dates, State OMP funding eligibility, and otherwise clarify project and building level details associated with each proposal. The Facilities Inventory Guide (FIG) should be referred to for information on eligibility for OMP funding. Additionally, Budget Office procedures established in fiscal year 2002-03 and earlier remain in effect.


Campuses should report newly constructed and purchased space with at least 1,000 assignable square feet (asf)* or more of State OMP supported space.

Campuses should report reassignment (additions and reductions) of State OMP supported space resulting in an annual net change of at least 1,000 asf per project.

Campuses should report reductions of State OMP supported space when all of the following three criteria apply:

  • The space (asf) is scheduled to be off-line for eighteen (18) months or more;
  • The space (asf) equals twenty-five percent (25%) or more of a facility, and
  • The space totals at least 5,000 asf or more.

Projects occupied for three months or less (25% of the fiscal year or less) are not eligible for State OMP support. OMP support should be requested in the following fiscal year.

Garamendi-funded space is ineligible for State OMP support until the bonds are retired. Similarly, pre-occupancy designated space is also ineligible for regular State OMP support. If projects inclusive of either type of space are submitted for approval, campuses will be required to verify that researchers of the subject project are not accommodated in the Garamendi or pre-occupancy designated space.

As a general rule:

  • Projects become eligible for State OMP support upon beneficial occupancy of the space.
  • Space previously submitted and found to be ineligible should not be resubmitted for State OMP support, absent a change in status such as change of program, etc.
  • Increased space comprising less than 1,000 asf in a single facility is ineligible for State OMP support.
  • Leased space (whether on or off campus) is generally ineligible for State OMP support, but exceptions may be made in unique circumstances. Note that this guideline does not apply to space funded with State Lease Revenue Bonds (assuming that such space is otherwise eligible for State OMP support).
  • Surge space is ineligible for State OMP support. Similarly, launch space is also ineligible for State OMP support.
  • At the discretion of the Budget Office, eligible space may in unique instances, be funded at less than one hundred percent (100%) of the dollar rate per mgsf for the subject fiscal year. Such determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis. A project subject to this exception might consist of (but would not be limited to) space not meeting the FIG definition of a building, or space otherwise incongruent with funding of all of the seven elements of OMP.

If a campus believes an exception to any of the above is merited, it should submit a request with justification and it will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Administrative Procedures

Complete one Workload Addition (or Reduction) Request (Form 5-A) form for each new (or deleted) space request; provide attachments as required.

Gather copies of all required attachments as identified on the Request form, including:

  • For all Chancellor-approved projects, submit copy of signed Capital Improvement Budget (CIB).
  • For projects not yet in construction, submit copy of latest project schedule.
  • For all projects in construction, submit copy of latest construction schedule as issued by contractor.
  • For projects at or near completion, submit copy of Certificate of Beneficial Occupancy, Certificate of Substantial Completion or Notice of Completion.
Complete the New Workload Request Summary (Form 5-B) listing all space revisions requested.

Submit these documents to Clifton Bowen.

Questions should be addressed to Clifton Bowen.

* Assignable Square Feet (asf) is converted by formula to Maintained Gross Square Feet (mgsf) prior to calculating OMP the allocation.