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The Academic Planning, Programs and Coordination (APPC) Department coordinates University of California responses related to reviews of the Master Plan for Higher Education in California as well as other major studies of California higher education. We are in the process of including at this site the major documents of relevance to the 1960 Master Plan and subsequent reviews of that plan. Please be aware that the Master Plan has been reviewed and modified numerous times and that a particular provision of the original 1960 document may not represent current Master Plan policy.

We are also including links and documents related to the 1999-2004 legislative effort to develop a new Master Plan for Education, Kindergarten through University. In addition, we provide information on the discussion of changing the Master Plan provisions on doctoral education.

In addition, we are including at this site documents from other major external reviews of California higher education.

For questions about the status of Master Plan policies related to the University of California or about the content of this site, please contact:

Todd Greenspan
Director, Academic Planning
E-mail: Todd.Greenspan@ucop.edu