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California Performance Review

In February 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger created the California Performance Review under the leadership of Co-Executive Directors Billy C. Hamilton and Chon Gutierrez. Over 250 state employees loaned from existing state agencies staffed the review. They worked in 14 teams divided into seven "functional" areas (e.g., education) and seven cross-cutting areas (e.g., procurement, information technology).

The California Performance Review delivered its proposed reform plan to Governor Schwarzenegger on August 4, 2004. The plan is over 2,500 pages long containing government reform recommendations in 279 issue areas.

The "Education, Training, and Volunteerism" chapter is 192 pages with 33 issue areas and 65 recommendations. The primary UC academic issues are contained in this section. In addition, there are other issues relating to UC's business and administrative practices and to state policy areas like health and infrastructure scattered throughout the document.

California Performance Review Commission. In June 2004, the Governor appointed a 21-member commission to receive input from the public on the California Performance Review report. Co-chaired by UC Regent Joanne Kozberg and CSU Trustee Bill Hauck, the commission includes four sitting legislators and other state and civic leaders. The commission held 8 hearings throughout the state, including an all-day hearing on education issues (see below). The commission issued a 12-page report of recommendations after its final hearing:

  • The Commission's Persepctive: A Report of the California Performance Review Commission, November 2004.

    The Commission staff also compiled an extensive 564-page report summarizing the public comments received during their process.

    9/9/04 CPRC hearing on education and volunteerism issues. The Commission held a hearing focused on education issues on September 9th in Los Angeles. The following are materials related to that hearing, including testimony presented by UC Provost Greenwood and UCLA Vice Chancellor Blackman on behalf of the University:

    At the 9/10/04 CPR hearing in Long Beach on Corrections Reform and Public Safety, Dr. Michael Drake, UC Vice President for Health Affairs, testified on recommendations related to providing health services to the state corrections system.

    California Education Round Table reports (1996-98).

    • Rand reports. Beginning in 1996, in response to concerns about the future of higher education in California, the California Education Round Table commissioned a series of reports by the Rand Corporation. That series of reports culminated in the publication in September 1997 of Rand's report, Breaking the Social Contract: The Fiscal Crisis in California Higher Education. Some of the working papers leading up to this report are also available:
    • Fiscal Resources Task Force report. Subsequent to the Rand report, the Round Table created a task force of fiscal experts representing all the segments of California higher education to make recommendations on the future financing of higher education in California. The Fiscal Resources Task Force report, California at the Crossroads: Investing in Higher Education for California's Future was published in November 1998.

    Both of these reports received financial support from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the authors of each report only and do not necessarily represent the views of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation or the California Education Round Table.

    California Citizens Commission on Higher Education

    The California Citizens Commission on Higher Education was formed in 1996 under the auspices of the Center for Governmental Studies. Funded by private foundations, this commission reviewed major issues facing higher education in California and issued a number of reports with recommendations. Its final recommendations are contained in a report entitled Toward A State of Learning.