Citizenship and nondiscrimination

The university Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy states that the university does not discriminate on the basis of citizenship. UC, therefore, generally does not accept public and private sponsors’ restrictions of research based on citizenship.

In select cases, narrow exceptions to this policy may be made:

  1. Where there are compelling circumstances in support of legitimate public interests bearing on individual job requirements, e.g. for classified research. The chancellor may recommend such an exception to the president for his approval.
  2. Where the restriction to U.S. citizens is placed on fellowship support for graduate and undergraduate students (so-called training grants) because such fellowship restrictions from governmental sponsors are considered to be consistent with legitimate government interests in promoting the training of domestic students and because there is no specific policy precluding this practice.

Controlling policies


Application of Proposition 209 to federal research proposals PDF

September 29, 1997

Letter from C. Judson King, Provost and Senior Vice President – Academic Affairs


RAO 87-39 Link

October 23, 1987

NASA Restrictions on U.S. Citizenship in University Space Engineering Research Centers

RAO 90-03 Link

February 12, 1990

Acceptance of Funds Restricted to U.S. Citizens

RAO 93-11 Link

July 1, 1993

Ownership and Dissemination of Research Results

RAO 93-20 Link

December 10, 1993

ONR Young Investigator Program Applicant Eligibility Restriction to U.S. Citizens

RAO 04-02 Link

April 19, 2004

Provision of Information on Citizenship, Visa Status, Nationality or Country of Origin: Federal and State Law and Regulation

RAO 04-11 Link

November 23, 2004

National Science Foundation Cyber Security Clause

Relevant Contract & Grant Manual Chapters

Contract and Grant Manual Chapter 2 PDF

Revised September 21, 2012

Proposal Submission and Award Acceptance/Administration

Contract and Grant Manual Chapter 11

Intellectual Property & Related Matters


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