Supplier Diversity

Working with small business                   

The University of California is interested in doing business with small businesses and local contractors. In accordance with state and federal law, UC ensures that all business enterprises have equal access to business contracting opportunities at the University.

Small businesses, like all potential suppliers to the university, should complete the appropriate forms to pre-register with the University (see becoming a UCOP supplier).

We recommend that small business owners become familiar with the UC business policies governing the purchase of goods and services, particularly as they apply to small businesses. For instance, UCOP Business and Finance Bulletin 43 (BUS-43) is relevant to suppliers and potential suppliers to the University. Small Businesses will be especially interested in BUS-43, Part 5, though we recommend they become familiar with the entire policy (see forms and policies).

Once a company is pre-registered, that company is eligible to bid on available university business. The university posts Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Quotations (RFQs), and similar bidding opportunities online (see links at right).

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