Professional Development Sponsorships

In support of its commitment to foster leadership, career development and advancement for UCOP employees, PACSW sponsors attendance at workshops, conferences, seminars, or academic/online courses.

Women We Admire

Since 2009, PACSW has sponsored the "Women We Admire" speaker series, in which women from around the UC system have shared their insights about their careers, workplace challenges, and work-life balance.

Making Power Moves: Women & Leadership

A course designed specifically for UCOP employees to provide practical information to help in career advancement. Contact PACSW if you are interested in participating in a future session.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get: Effective Negotiation Techniques

In this introductory session, you will learn how to prepare to negotiate, build your case, present your request, and clinch the deal. You will gain practical skills to achieve negotiated outcomes that will leave both parties feeling satisfied.