Staff listing

Agbayani, Elizabeth Executive Assistant Assistant to Chief Investment Officer
Ardeshir, Susie Senior Investment Analyst Investment Risk Management
Bachher, Jagdeep Singh Chief Investment Officer,
Vice President of Investments
Office of the Chief Investment Officer
Beil, John Investment Officer Private Equity Investments
Birdsall, Joanne Executive Assistant Investment Risk Management,
Fixed Income
Byrd, William Supervisor Business Management
Choi, Lynda Managing Director Absolute Return
Chow, Kristina Senior Administrative Analyst Public Equity Investments
Cole, John Senior Investment Analyst Private Equity/
Real Assets Investments 
Cucullu, Michele Director Private Equity Investments
Cunningham, Milkah Administrative Specialist Real Estate Investments
Dumas, William Investment Officer Public Equity Investments
Deasy, Grahme (John) Senior Investment Analyst Fixed-Income Investments, Credit Research
Feller, Feleciana Administrative Assistant Absolute Return
Private Equity Investments
Ferreira, Paula Supervisor Operations
Fong, Edmond Director Alternative Investments,
Cross-Asset Class
Gazaway Jr., Floyd Accountant Operations
Gil, Gloria Managing Director Alternative Investments,
Real Estate
Green, Claudia Administrative Assistant Business Management
Hagland, Brian Middle Office Accountant Operations
Hobson, Rudy Investment Officer Public Equity Investments
Huie, Craig Investment Officer Absolute Return Investments 
Kehoe, Jan Assistant Director Operations
Liu, Aileen Investment Officer Cross-Asset Class Investments 
Lo, Tony Portfolio Manager Fixed-Income Investments
Mendoza, Rosario Administrative Assistant Business Management
Muhammad, Khaleelah Accountant Operations
Murphy, Sharon Specialist Client Relation Services
Ong, Byron Investment Officer Fixed-Income Investments,
Credit Research 
Recker, Timothy Managing Director Private Equity/Real Assets/
Cross-Asset Class Investments
Ryan, William Director Client Relation Services
Schroeder, David Senior Portfolio Manager Fixed-Income Investments,
Government Sector
Shomali, Marjan Accountant Operations
Sison, Cay Investment Officer Real Estate Investments 
Sood, Gaurav Senior Investment Analyst Private Equity/
Real Assets Investments 
Staines, Aaron Portfolio Manager Fixed-Income Investments
Sterman, Steve Senior Portfolio Manager
Fixed-Income Investments, Credit Sector
Swamy, Satish Senior Portfolio Manager
Fixed-Income Investments,
Collateralized Sector 
Swett, Mike Senior Portfolio Manager
Fixed-Income Investments,
Short-Term Investment Pool 
Teng, Paul Deputy Head, Director Public Equity Investments
Wang-Fackler, Pu Portfolio Accountant Operations
Watson, Leslie Specialist Client Relation Services
Wedding, Randolph Senior Managing Director Fixed Income Investments
Winiarz, Chris Investment Officer Public Equity Investments
Winterson, Julia Director Private Equity Investments 
Woods, Trevor Accountant Operations
Yastishak, Robert Director Operations
Zamil, Farhan Analyst Real Estate Investments
Zhang, Sharon Director Fixed-Income Investments,
Credit Research