Alliance for Regional Collaboration to Heighten Educational Success (ARCHES) Link

Intersegmental collaborative aiming to improve student success and close the achievement gap among groups of students.

California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) Link

Intersegmental partnership between California higher education institutions and public schools. CAPP awards grants to partnerships working to improve academic preparation.

P-20 Partnerships

Intersegmental alliances helping schools raise student achievement levels generally and prepare students for post-secondary education.

University-Community Links Link

A network of after-school programs that prepare P-12 youth for success in high school and college while preparing undergraduate students for professional training and graduate studies.

University-Community Engagement

Partnering with the community to raise student academic achievement.

Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) Link

Intersegmental project helping 6-12th grade teachers better prepare students for success and further study in mathematics through diagnostic tests and reports that identify strengths and weaknesses in critical topics.