Deleting assets

Applicable to: all assets | Skill level: intermediate

Goal: Remove unneeded assets.

Deleting assets (particularly pages, folders and files) should be done with caution and only when necessary. Deletion can affect the structure of your live website and, if done improperly, can lead to broken links, confusing navigation and inaccurate content.

Deleting an asset within Cascade does not automatically remove it from web server(s) to which it has been published. Assets must also be un-published from the remote server(s) to avoid 1) orphaning them and 2) having different versions of the same asset in multiple locations on the web.

Deleting an asset will create broken links on any asset linking to the one you're deleting. Please be sure to revise any additional pages to reflect this one being removed.

PLEASE NOTE: Most UCOP content editors do not have permission to publish or unpublish to or from the live website. If you do not have access to the production server, you should not delete files [file icon], pages [page icon] or folders [folder icon], for the reasons described above. Please contact the help team at and ask them to perform these actions for you.

All UCOP content editors can freely delete blocks [block iconand references [reference icon]. Since these assets do not have their own URLs, they do not affect site structure.


  1. Navigate to the asset you would like to delete.

  2. Click the More tab and select Delete from the drop down menu.

  3. Put a check mark in the box beside Un-publish Content.

    Note: Published assets are saved on both the web server and the CMS server. Deleting the asset from the CMS will not automatically delete it from the web server; it must be un-published.

    select un-publish and submit

  4. Submit the page to confirm the deletion.

    If the asset you are deleting is linked from another page, you will see a warning that links may be broken. The name of the page that contains that link is shown. You'll need to modify that page to remove the link to the asset you are deleting.