Frequently Asked Questions

Information about Jobs at the UCPath Center (Riverside, CA)

Why work for the University of California?
The University of California (UC), one of the largest and most acclaimed institutions of higher learning in the world, is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and public service. People are what make UC great. Every faculty and staff member, no matter what their individual job, plays an important role in the university. UC works hard to be a good employer and to be a place where people are rewarded for their contributions with good benefits, a stimulating and supportive work environment, and opportunities for professional growth and advancement. UC offers a full range of health and retirement benefits, including a pension plan. UC's benefits are recognized as being among the best available, representing as much as 40 percent of employees' total annual compensation.

What types of jobs will the UCPath Center (in Riverside) offer?
The UCPath Center (under the umbrella of the UC Office of the President) will have positions in customer service, production (benefits, payroll, human resources, fulfillment and records), quality and performance, finance, training and communications, human resources operations and technology.

What jobs are currently available at the UCPath Center?
Visit Open UCPath Center Jobs and we recommend that you keep checking back, as more positions are added often!

What's it like to work at the UCPath Center?
Take it from our staff. Click on Spread the News: The UCPath Center is Hiring! and read about one of our staffers' experience working at the UCPath Center.

Also, a recent staff focus group shared their thoughts about working for UC and the UCPath Center. Check out this wordle!

For specific hiring questions, e-mail

Hiring process

How does the hiring process work?
Potential employees submit their application materials online. Applications are reviewed and candidates who meet the qualifications are asked to participate in a telephone interview. Candidates who advance in the process will participate in an in-person interview.

Where do UCPath Center interviews take place?
Interviews will take place in Riverside. Virtual interviews may be offered for applicants from outside of the area.

Will current UC employees have priority for UCPath Center jobs?
UCPath will follow the same recruitment process for all applicants. Certain job postings may state a preference for UC experience based on the nature of the responsibilities.

Do current UC employees have to wait until their location transitions to UCPath to apply for UCPath Center jobs?
No. UC employees can apply for UCPath Center jobs at any time.

Are UC benefits and service credits transferable?
Yes, for current UC employees without a break in service, UC benefits and service credit will transfer. If any of your benefit providers are regional and not offered in Riverside, such as a primary care physician in your medical plan, you may need to transfer to another service provider in the Riverside area.

Are UCPath Center employees part of UC Riverside (UCR) or UC Office of the President (UCOP)?
UCPath Center staff serve the UC systemwide, and are employed by the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP).

Will UCPath offer a relocation allowance?
UC does not typically provide relocation pay for employees moving within California.

Will current UC employees need to complete a new probationary period?
UC employees who have completed a probationary period at their current locations will not need to complete a new probationary period unless there has been a break in service.

Can UC employees get time off to interview for a UCPath position?
An employee scheduled for an interview at the UCPath Center shall be granted reasonable time off with pay, for an amount of time normally equal to the time that would be required for an interview at the employee's own location.

Who should I contact if I have additional UCPath Center recruiting questions?
You may e-mail or call (951) 787-5030.